Before & After Interior Transformation of an Office

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

330 Sqft carpet and 2 sizable director cabins, 6 staff workstations, a pantry and a sofa in a walkway with small reception desk. Given the layout and size (33x10) of this small office, it sounds challenging enough to accommodate these requirements. But, this is what an interior designer and architect is exactly for. And of course, the first step to achieve this challenge is to optimize the floor plan.

And just when we thought the puzzle is solved, there was another challenge. Any Guesses? Yes, its Vastu Compliance. And there you go, you just can't optimize the floor plan as you might think is the best way. So, now with this added challenge, the entry had to be shifted even if it was for only 7" of space that needed to be included in director cabins, to add a little space for more comfort when you have to use the space on daily basis. Have a look on this plan that we came up with to optimize the floor space utilization.

So, the long and short of it is the PERSONALIZATION, that an Interior Architect can bring to your table which makes all the difference in realizing the full potential of your space.

Take a look on this transformation of a small office and we are sure you will definitely come to know a thing or two about getting the most out your small space and applying the latest interior trends and finishes to achieve that perfect contemporary look.

1. Perfect monochromatic look and warm flooring to bring in the contrast, yet it complements and comes together beautifully in this staff area and walkway. Plain White and Greys for workstations and Grey Geometric Pattern laminates for storage just transform this place into a contemporary interior design example.

Open Shelves beneath the storage cabinets are for additional space to keep the quick use items so that it frees up the space on desk. Foot rest may also be usable to the staff where they can keep their belongings such as a helmet or a bag. Since the side by side keypad tray and a drawer under a small desk will make either of these unusable and impractical, we planned full size extendable tray in only an inch of space underneath each desk, that could also double up as a writing pad or a keypad tray. A full size compact drawer under this tray makes it a complete desk that anyone needs to function properly. While we stacked these two essentials of a work desk on one another, we kept this in mind that together they should not take more than 4'' of space beneath the desk to avoid discomfort to the legs of person using these compact workstations. And yes, this is what we mean by 'Attention to Details' and 'Customization'.

2. This 4 feet wide entry and walkway was created by shifting the main door. Sofa was custom made to just fit in this space for visitor waiting, yet allow people to freely move across the office. You may have rightly noticed that the bathroom door is also shifted, as we had to make way for an open modular pantry. 3. To effectively utilize the space and mask the pantry wall, a display unit was planned beside the sofa. (See Below Images)

4. We constructed a complete wall above the bathroom to accommodate a loft water tank plus storage space. The same wall also allowed us to plan the overhead storage along these workstations. Defective hardware of the window was replaced, it was painted and leakage from rainy water was fixed with marine ply and laminate panelling. Wall and window levelling with POP and marine ply with laminate was done to fix the levelling issues.

5. Director cabins are 8.5'x6' each, which is quite spacious for a small office. These cabins were planned to be divided by full glass partition for natural day light flow from the only window in entire office. These glass partitions also contribute to the modern, stylish and contemporary looks that we needed to achieve. Beautiful BurnWood and Frost White Core laminate perfectly compliments, yet distinguishes cabins from rest of the places. Additionally, combination back painted glass and maroon soft board with architectural ambience lighting, not only is more functional, but also adds to the overall charm of the interiors.

6. Since the door had to be shifted to create a corner for pantry, complete bathroom remodelling was suggested, and you can see how it has been transformed. That same corner which made way for pantry also allowed for us to plan this 3' granite platform for washbasin and vanity.

7. And lastly, this is the entrance and signage panel. This Matte finish laminate was pasted in horizontal groove pattern to elongate the look. Contrast stone finish laminate was used for signage panel which was finished with the spotlights.

It is needless to mention that a good interior architect has a strong back up of skilled and experienced execution experts who can convert a vision into a reality as you can guess from the perfect finishing and craftsmanship of this project. We also believe that the design should combine with function. An architect's timeless and classic choice for structure and finishes backed by their experience and passion for design can single handedly deliver an amazing project that exceeds everyone's expectations in realizing a dream space.

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