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Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design Trends

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Welcome to Luxerior Blogs. Let’s talk about the Combinations and Materials that can inspire you to design a contemporary kitchen, especially if your kitchen has an open space concept.

1. Simple + Clean Lines

A contemporary design is clean and minimal. Contemporary kitchen cabinets generally have minimal ornamentation and simple but stylish hardware and no other decorative accents. In terms of colors, contemporary kitchen cabinets may often have a monochromatic color scheme. These colors give a clean appearance that characterizes a contemporary style.

This clean appearance and minimal style are perfect to be used when the kitchen shares the space with other areas like your living or dining room. This way the simplicity of the cabinetry can match better with all the contemporary décor and furniture that confirm the space.

It’s important to have multiple storage spaces to maintain the kitchen clean. Open shelving is another favorite at the time of designing a contemporary kitchen for displaying the personality of the homeowner.

You can include beautiful and stylish pieces of your dining room, your kitchen books or other accessories that you usually use in your kitchen but at the same time they can be used as decorative pieces.

2. Islands

Islands are crucial elements when it comes to contemporary kitchens. Islands tend to become a gathering spot in the kitchen and especially if there is seating. It can also serve as a spot where kids can do their homework while parents are cooking. It can help your family be engaged and connected so it’s very important to make your island work properly for your needs.

Look around and figure out exactly what your kitchen needs. May be you need additional storage space or a place to have breakfast or share with your guest while cooking dinner. Just make your kitchen island complement and complete your kitchen, maintaining functionality and visual harmony with your entire home.

The idea of an open concept kitchen is very common in modern and contemporary homes. So we are seeing a tendency of kitchen islands extending into living room spaces in homes. This ensures the kitchen island can be multi-functional and is a part of the whole composition of the space.

Accessorizing it is important as well. The use of pendant lights is a must-have to define the area and to add character to the open space.

If your kitchen shares the space with the dining or living room, remember to select pieces that speak to one another across the space. May be color of your stool speak to the color of your pillow, or wall art in the living room. This will create a visual flow and provide a cohesive atmosphere.

3. Bold Fixtures

The kitchen fixtures aren’t only a functional element anymore. Now they are artistic pieces and crucial elements to define your kitchen style. Unique accessories add character to the space and are perfect to complement a contemporary color palette in a very chic way. Let’s try some combinations, if you have a white kitchen with a clean and contemporary appearance, try to incorporate black matte fixtures to make a high contrast and accentuate those elements.

If you have wooden finishes with concrete tiles and black matte textured combinations, you can add golden matte fixtures and details to make it pop.

Be creative and don’t forget to add a bold fixture to complete your contemporary home design.

4. Textures

When embarking on a contemporary kitchen design, consider the use of textured material in combination with smooth and polished finishes. Textures are applied to cabinets, doors, worktops or floors. By introducing textural finishes to the sensory experience, both visual and tactile is enhanced in a contemporary kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures. The combination of textures in contemporary kitchens are bold dramatic, for example, wooden floor tiles with a marble countertop. Concrete, mate cabinets, wood and gold together.

Include in your kitchen lots of materials with textures because they are tactile elements that will give any kitchen a bit of warmth and history.

5. Matte Finishes

Matte finishes are a popular favorite for use in all the areas of a contemporary home, and even more in bathrooms, and kitchens. This sleek finish is used in tiles, fixtures, accessories, countertop or backsplash. Since high gloss finishes are the quickest to show stains or scratches, matte finishes became popular because it’s not necessary to clean their surfaces as often.

Matte finishes are perfect for natural and rustic looks and are perfect for combining with wooden textures. Matt finishes producing a stunning, sleek and contemporary look that adds a level of sophistication and authenticity to the space.

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