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Office Interior Design Essentials: Looking Beyond the Application of Fashion Trends

Updated: May 27, 2023

There has been a tremendous shift in workplace interior design trends over the past few years. While “cool and trendy” office spaces inspired by fleeting fashion trends and instagrammable gimmickry might be a familiar sight in many contemporary offices and co-working places, sometimes it only masks what’s truly important for an organization, rather than making a meaningful impact on employee productivity.

Designing a functional modern office goes far beyond just applying such latest trends and requires a deep understanding and intuition of functional and experimental needs of its end users.

Here is our list of top 4 winning office interior design essentials that are sure to boost the efficiency and productivity of a contemporary workplace.

Office Interior Design Essentials: Looking Beyond the Application of Fashion Trends

1. Flexible Activity-based Work Spaces

A Workplace catering to the needs of your business and your employees undoubtedly has to be the number one criteria to come up with the successful interior plan. While, the open style workstation culture seems to be the hottest office design trend right now, it might actually be not so productive idea to switch to it all of a sudden. An organization typically has all kind of employees, from individuals who need peace and quiet to those who hop across desks to converse with their colleagues. And, it’s not only about individual preferences, but nature of different tasks itself might demand different kind of work environment in order to successfully complete them.

So, the variety of interiors is, in fact, the most popular trend at a workplace right now. Today’s offices are more inclusive, non-obstructive and flexible to different needs. Dedicated desks are being replaced by communal tables, quiet pods, brainstorm islands, formal and informal meeting rooms and spaces dedicated to recreation and general well-being. Such kind of activity based spaces allow people to actually choose the suitable corner or a place that they might need as per their activity and work needs at that particular time.

2. Integration of Technology

Technology is an integral part of a modern workplace design. A well set-up office with latest technological equipments helps boost overall productivity and efficiency. Many people are now opting for laptops as they get freedom to work from anywhere inside as well as outside the office space. Video conferencing technology, screens for presentations, sufficient power outlets, data ports, smart boards and anything that is necessary to facilitate smart working has become fundamental to a modern office interior planning.

Office Interior Design Essentials: Looking Beyond the Application of Fashion Trends.

3. Biophilic Design

As also explained in our blog featuring interior design trends of 2019, Biophilic interior design that focuses on natural elements such as indoor plants, greenery and nature inspired aesthetics is the trend which is surely going to stay here for long. This trend has found its way into all types of spaces, and offices are no exception. Indoor plants are not the only way to incorporate biophilic design trend. Additionally, one can opt for natural material, colors and textures to bring in fresh, stress-free and calming effect to the surroundings. Allowing natural light inside the office as far as possible is another essential of a great workplace interior design.

4. Comfortable & Collaborative Furniture

Full-time employees typically spend about 8 hours a day at work. During this time they also need to collaborate with others for work. A contemporary functional office should be a place that offers them a pleasant and nurturing experience instead of burning them out. Selection of wrong furniture which is not comfortable to use is surely not a recipe for success of any organization. There should be seating areas that are comfortable, where employees can lounge on a sofa to maybe relax for a bit, or have a collaborative conversation with colleagues over a cup of coffee, etc.

Today’s workplace interior design is all about creating a space that fosters creativity and employee satisfaction and in order to achieve that, a workplace needs to be comfortable and sometimes even casual or homey. Interiors that produce a sense of calm and comfort, help people better accomplish their deliverables which ultimately contributes to achieving wider company goals.

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