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Current Interior Design Trends and Styles

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Interior design trends in fashion, color, texture, material and more seem to come in and out of style like fads, but some tend to attract attention for a little longer than that. The current Interior Design Trends are a combination of some new trends, some not so new trends, and some trends that have made a major comeback, and just to give you a quick idea, let’s check out this list of what’s coming in and what is making its way out.

Let's check out current Interior Design Trends and Styles.

Current Interior Design Trends and Styles

1. Black Matte

Nothing creates a sense of drama better than black. Always consider the overall natural lighting of the room when applying this trend. You can incorporate black with furniture and accessories such as dining table chairs or pendant light. Black matte and natural wood texture are everything when it’s about finding the perfect combination and it can be combined with other colors of your choice to create the contrast. Most designers favor this dramatic color and finish for kitchen cabinets and for bathroom design.

2. Curved Furnishings

This trend continues and Sofas, armchairs and chairs will have a more fluid and organic character to accompany decorative trends that are closer to nature. Add a POP of COLOR to your interior through a curved sofa or armchair in blue, coral or hot pink. This year, expect to see more bold colors and shapes as grey neutrals are slowly moving out of current trends.

3. Warm Neutrals

The perfect neutral Is back! One of the trends that are really coming back is BEIGE. It’s the perfect neutrals and adds warmth to any space. This neutral tone is super flexible and matches almost all colors giving a good opportunity to make necessary emphases in the interior’s decoration.

4. Japandi Style of Decoration

This style is the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian Styles, clean, minimalist, warm and cozy.

This style combines the modern-rustic vibe of Scandinavian designs with the traditional elegance of Japanese style. Decorate your minimal and cozy home with elements of nature, natural wood, functional accessories, furniture from both styles, greenery, a neutral color palette, raw, simple and natural material.

5. Concrete Accents

This contemporary material has an imperfect beauty and texture and is one of the favorite contemporary interior styles. It will be used as an accent. Expect the designers to incorporate concrete through geometric concrete tiles, flower pots, lamps, side tables and accessories.

6. Living Coral

Inspired by Nature, Living Coral is the color of the year! Warm, peachy orange.

Living Coral Pantone 16-1546 emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. Use it in a rug, accent chair, sofa, ottoman, door, or any other furniture piece.

7. Gold

While Rose Gold, one of the biggest trends in the recent past, has already made its way out, Gold is still in trend! Gold has become the perfect metal accent for all the corners and spaces of your home.

Use it in lamps, hardware, fixtures, flower vases, cabinets, etc.

8. Nature/Biophilia

Sustainable living is always in vogue!

Natural materials such as wood, plants, and daylight bring the beauty of nature into our materialistic lives. Biophilia, which emphasizes the connection between us and nature, is perhaps the hottest interior trend this year which we wish stays here forever. Bring more nature in your home by incorporating natural materials such as concrete, granite, stone, cotton jute rugs, storage baskets, rattan chairs, woven wall-hangings, or even imagery mainly palm imagery.

9. Terrazzo

Marble is out and terrazzo is making a major comeback as one of the hottest interior design trends you’ll be seeing everywhere. Terrazzo is versatile and can be introduced anywhere in your home!

Use it in floor tiles, tables, lampshades, printed wallpaper, rug patterns, flower vases, accessories, fabrics, pillows and more.

10. Other BIG Trends

Feminine color tones such as blush, dusty pink, and bronze, Maximalism in decor, Florals, Four-poster beds, Boho designs with a modern twist, Acrylic transparent furniture, Lightwood flooring, Bold walls and Warmer and Darker countertops are among other trends that are BIG on the current interior trends list.

And, this is the end of our list of current interior design styles and trends.

Keep in mind, this should only serve as a guide for the overall look for your home and if you love other styles and trends don’t discard it just because it’s not in the current trend list. Always design your space with your personal taste and the things that you find beautiful and works for you the most!

Let us know which one is your favorite trend that features in the current interior trend list.

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