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How  It  Works

Complete Interior Design Process

Creating a dream space involves more than just furnishing; it's about optimizing the entire design and color scheme for a specific feel. If you value this, hiring a professional is crucial. To ensure compatibility, review our portfolio, assess our design philosophy, and if it aligns with your vision, reach out for further discussion.

01 Check Portfolio

We suggest filling out our website's 'ENQUIRY FORM' It prompts you with necessary details and, upon completion, triggers an email outlining your next steps. This includes contact information for the relevant person and links to our portfolio, services, and informative blogs.

02 Get in Touch

The initial consultation is necessary for -

- Understanding your functional and design requirement

- Clarify scope of work

- Provide a block estimate based on requirements for an initial financial overview

03 Consultation Meeting & Estimate

To book our services, pay 10% of the initial estimate. The process starts with a site visit for detailed survey and measurements, leading to accurate space planning, 3D modeling and rendering for your approval.

04 Booking

After settling on the design, materials, and quantities, the final Billing of Quantities (BOQ) is generated and approved. This document outlines detailed descriptions, quantities, particulars, rates, and final amounts for each work head within the entire scope. Additionally, it specifies terms and conditions, including inclusion and exclusion lists, payment terms, and other relevant details.

05 Final BOQ 

In this stage, extensive tasks like civil work, framing, and installations are completed, involving material procurements. The meticulous final touches, including lamination and fixtures, take time. Afterward, the site is prepared for painting, ensuring all finishing tasks are done before a thorough cleanup.

06 Execution

As completion nears for you to occupy and enjoy the space, this crucial stage involves skilled professionals for final and expensive installations. Patience is key to ensure flawless setups for your furnishings, soft furnishings, and decor, creating a cohesive and picture-perfect dream space.

07 Furnishing & Décor

We create a final handover checklist, meticulously inspecting all installations and work for proper functionality. Any discrepancies discovered are promptly addressed before the final handover.

08 Handover

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