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Interior Design Mistakes that are Making Your Home Look Cheap

Updated: May 25, 2023

We have already written on some interior design mistakes ( some of them may make your home look cheap such as hanging curtains a wrong way, wrong sized rug or an outdated vintage décor etc. In this blog we will look at more common mistakes and things that make your home look cheap and ways you can correct it to make it look more expensive.

Interior Design Mistakes that are Making Your Home Look Cheap

1. Matching Furniture Sets

If you want to achieve an expensive look on a budget, it is better to mix and match. Although mixing and matching might appear tricky, there is one simple hack to follow for a cohesive look. Always make sure that there is one common dialogue between the different pieces. It might be same color family, same style, or the same material.

2. Wrong Furniture Placement

Even if you get expensive furnishings, an improper arrangement can make your home look cheap. Always make sure to avoid blocking the windows since this obstructs the natural light. Also, avoid placing the furniture up against a wall. It is also imperative to understand the optimum movement layout especially in small spaces.

3. Cluttered Chords

With so many devices and gadgets throughout the home, cord clutter is a real problem. Even if you try to create a stylish space, those electronic cords will still be an eyesore. Gather the cables together and use organizers to keep them tidy. Cord covers will conceal the cords, and you won’t trip over them. Alternatively, you can tuck the cables out of sight in decorative baskets and drawers.

4. Unorganized Entryways

A cluttered shoe rack isn’t the most pleasant sight in the foyer or entryway. When you own dozens of pairs of shoes, organizing them might be a hassle. If you aren’t ready to downsize your collection, opt for hidden storage solutions to conceal the clutter. You can install drawers under the stairs for a clutter-free entryway. Or, get wall-mounted shoe cabinets to save space.

5. Cheap Artworks

Cheap or mass-produced art can make a home look cheap, as everyone and their grandma has it. Consider curating your own photography or simply investing in genuine artwork. Check local art shows and craft fairs for affordable originals.

6. Not Having Real Plants

Greenery will add a touch of freshness to your home. If you don’t have a green thumb and can’t keep any plants alive, you might be tempted to try the faux ones. But no matter how realistic they look, professional designers agree that fake plants can make a home look cheap – especially if they’re dusty! Use real plants instead.

7. Dated Finishes and Fixtures

Just repaint or change the old finishes and change the outdated fixtures to refresh the look of your home.

8. All Things Ikea

Nothing wrong with furnishing with Ikea, but if you want to make your home look unique and expensive, do try to add some customization and personalization with items from other sources or designers.

9. DIY Items that Don’t Look Professional

Great for adding a personal touch but not as a center of attention or highlighted piece unless they are absolutely professional.

DIY Items that Don’t Look Professional

10. Not Considering Fixtures as Design Elements

That kitchen sink, drawer pulls, knobs, light fixtures, and everything else can be the part of your design language. One should never compromise on functionality aspects but not considering these fixtures as designer objects may make your home look cheap.

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