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10 Interior Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

While some can just be a personal preference, there are other interior design mistakes that can be considered as design crimes by most. Let’s have a look at our pick of the top 10 interior design mistakes and how to fix them.

1. Relying on One Source of Light

Unless you want your house to look like a hospital, relying only on one source of lighting is a bad idea. Adding the layers of different types of light sources is now a norm for not only residential spaces but also in workplaces and other interior settings. While recessed lights are a great source of general lighting, pendant lights, floor lamps, cove lights etc are great for ambient lighting. Spotlights are useful for highlighting certain artworks or emphasizing certain areas. Task lights are also important and very functional especially on a reading desk or in the kitchen.

2. Sentimental Decor

When its ugly, just don’t show it off as decor.

3. Hotel Room Inspired Interior

Instead, just try to find out your own style.

4. Wrong Sized Rugs

Using a rug that is too small or too big is a big interior design mistake. You would want to make sure that all the furniture is placed on the rug. There are different guides for different rooms. Refer to the following guide for choosing the right-sized rug.

5. Hanging Curtains too Low

Position hanging rod approximately above 6’’ of the window level or go all the way up to the ceiling. It is also important curtains touch the floors to give the space more dimension and create the illusion of bigger space. Also in the case of a smaller window, stacking the curtain next to the window instead of only covering the window will make it appear larger.

6. Too Many Iconic Pieces in One Room

Too much to look at will take away the spotlight from everything. Every room should have its own focal point and putting too many decor pieces together just doesn’t help.

7. Using Only One Era Decor

Using only one era-inspired interior style can result in a big interior design blunder. Just try to mix the styles that resonate with your own preferences and style.

8. Too Many Gallery Walls

They will make your space look more cluttered.

9. Stark Contemporary Style

Mixing it with other styles that are warmer, will make your space a little more attainable and homey.

10. Hanging Art at a Wrong Height

Position art at the eye level approximately at about 55” to 60’’ from the ground. Hanging it too high or too low will make your space look a little weird.

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