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Acrylic Sheets: Features, Price and Comparison to PVC Laminates

This blog explores Acrylic Sheets: Features, Applications, Price and Comparison to PVC Laminates

Material & Features of Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets are made of ‘polymer fiber’, and are known for their glossy, glass-like appearance. They have the widest range of attractive bright colors than any other plywood finish that is available in market today.

Acrylic sheets are durable and can retain that glossy and glamorous sheen for a long time.

Advantages & Applications

You can use acrylics when your interior theme needs to achieve a contemporary and colorful look.

As per the current trends, acrylic sheets are mostly used for kitchen cabinets, kid’s room interiors, signage, offices, schools, and other commercial spaces such as in retail settings etc.


Acrylic sheets are prone to scratches and they can sometimes fade due to frequent, prolonged usage and UV exposure.

They are also sensitive to certain chemicals, so it's necessary to handle them with care and use appropriate cleaning methods.

They need regular maintenance and precautions to mitigate these issues.

With acrylic sheets, it is often difficult to find the perfect color match in case you need replacements, because they are made available in market by lesser known manufacturers.

Scratch on acrylic shutter

Acrylic Sheets Price in Indian Market

In Indian market you can find acrylic sheets in prices ranging from Rs.160/Sqft to Rs. 250/Sqft.

Comparison to PVC Laminates

PVC laminates are now being used as an alternative to acrylics sheets.

They may not offer the same level of visual depth and clarity, but they are generally more affordable. They are also resistant to stains and fading.

As per our opinion, it is a good idea to use them in combination with acrylic sheets, for example, lower cabinets in kitchen which are extensively used can be finished in PVC laminates and overhead shutters can be done with acrylics.

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