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Mid-Century Inspired 2BHK

Wadala, Mumbai

Project Highlights

This was a new house that already came with a modular kitchen and good quality bathroom fixtures and design. We advised our client to go with the same to minimize the overall spending and completion time and splurge instead on other parts of the house which needed to be furnished. They wanted a simple design with high-quality furnishings. As typical globetrotters, they had a great choice and an eye for beautiful and unique patterns which set the tone of our design theme for this house. With our transparent approach and their quick selection, we were able to design and furnish this apartment in just two months. For us, this was a special opportunity to show our style and vision in interior design as the clients gave us a free hand in designing one of our most premium and stylish projects to date.



A neat clean line TV unit design finished in natural wooden and black stone finishes with back painted glass panel set the starting point for this contemporary design. This unit was combined with a comfortable fabric L-shaped lounger and a classy weathered metal round coffee table. An exotic rug in navy blue with a traditional pattern defined this modern and cozy living space. Matching wooden flooring in common areas was added to warm up the contemporary and neutral finishes. A large abstract painting adorns the wall behind the sofa. 


An 8'x8' square space for dining was a perfect place to put a 6 seater dining table. We absolutely loved the dining chair fabric selection of our client for its lovely b&W pattern which enhanced the overall looks of our interior theme. 


This house had a really narrow foyer entrance so we decided to go with the sleek shoe storage finished in simple white paint. Above it, we placed a chic contemporary round mirror for a welcoming decor.


We decided to add a gallery wall that flows right from the entrance to the dining area wall in a continuous manner to make for a unique feature wall.

The other wall of the dining has a different theme that is in vogue today. We decided to decorate it with gold-painted wooden molding paneling against a chick dark neutral wall.

A very modern pendant above the dining table adds to the drama and glamour of this stylish living and dining room.

In addition to the above accents, clients brought in the accent console which they owned. It was put against the huge mirror paneling on part of the wall opposite to the dining. This full-height mirror paneling on the wall is one of our most favorite parts of the design as it opens up space visually.

Guest Bedroom

Muted dark royal green vertical headboard panels and grey white horizontal pattern wallpaper totally owned the design of this bedroom. A fresh wood laminate look for a slider wardrobe and very stylish wooden top side tables in a similar tone perfectly compliment the headboard and wallpaper theme. Stylish wall lamps in a black finish add to its modern style. Dark walnut flooring, a warm, patterned rug, and cream plain curtains add warmth and natural touch. The console with an amazing vertical line pattern adds another amazing contemporary pattern to the decor of this guest bedroom. An organic shape mirror and abstract art complete the look of the console wall.

Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom was designed for having a unique personality. A calm, serene place to unwind and relax. So a cool color palette with a simple blue headboard and a white nordic nature theme wallpaper was planned to achieve the look. We decided to put a border around the wallpaper to make it look exclusive and to provide the accent wall with more character. 

The wardrobe was designed with glass and profile doors for a contemporary glam look. Ghost white paint with dark wooden flooring provided for the variety and contrast. A full-height free-standing mirror and carefully selected decor and art frames completed the look of the unique console table.