Residential/Home Interior Design Projects

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    1088 Sqft 3BHK

    This 1088 Sqft 3BHK in Epitome Imperial Heights Goregaon, Mumbai, represents a truly luxurious and modern home interior design and decor. Its large and spacious living area was made even larger by opening up a kitchen wall partially, to accommodate a multifunctional counter which serves as breakfast, kitchen and hangout place at the same time. 

    While guest bed has a simple and elegant design, master bed was designed to be more cozy and luxurious. Kids' bedroom was designed to be both functional and fun. Although different areas of the house have different themes, they all compliment each other very well to make this place one beautifully designed modern luxury apartment.

  • 1820 Sqft 3BHK

    This 1820 sqft spacious 3BHK apartment truly represents a contemporary home with its statement decor and cozy, personalized design. Kitchen, Dining, Living Area and a Home Office are combined into a single large space. The entire house is painted white, which makes it look even bigger and brighterEvery room is designed to have its own style and yet it complements and comes together with the rest of the house beautifully. 

  • 468 Sqft 1BHK

    This renovation project was undertaken to redesign a small space into a modern and functional studio apartment.

    Neutral colors, appropriate scale, use of acrylic transparent furniture, mirror wardrobes & side tables, chevron white backsplash tiles in kitchen, white paint and bold floral wallpaper in the bedroom really did the trick and made clients fall in love with this open, functional and beautiful apartment. 

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