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Types of Interior Works and Their Cost Per Square Feet in Mumbai (Including Interior Design Cost)

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Interior design cost varies depending upon the kind of work that is included in your design plan. Your interior plan further depends upon your budget, interior design style and lifestyle. We can categories these plans in 3 main types i.e. Basic, Medium and Luxury.

Basic Category

Basic plan includes all the essentials that are needed for furnishing such as a bed, a wardrobe, study desk, basic storage, a safety door etc., the kind of furniture that is mostly built in, and sometimes customized to some extent to suit the needs of the client. This plan does not include items such as loose furniture, soft furnishing, external fixtures, accent features and white goods etc.

Medium Category: Medium plan includes everything in Basic plan and includes some more necessary items such as a dining table, a sofa, and curtains along with one or may be two accent features.

Luxury Category: Luxury package includes everything mentioned in medium category along with all desirable items, and almost everything is customized as per client’s budget and taste.

Types of Interior Works and Their Cost Per Square Feet in Mumbai

Now that you know definition of a basic, medium and luxury plan, and the factors affecting them, we can start talking about the interior design cost ‘per square feet’ basis, specific to the type of work and our location i.e. Mumbai. It can be applied to all the major cities across India with slight variations.

A. Carpentry Cost (All the built-ins/fixed furniture)

Basic - 2000

Medium - 3000

Luxury- 5000 and above

Carpentry Work

B. Civil Work Cost (Earthworks such as tiling, brick work, framing or any construction or demolition related to the same, majorly involves installation services and material that is needed for installation, for actual external material basic range is considered)

Basic - 1200

Medium - 2000

Luxury - 3500 and above

Civil work showing installing floor tiles

C. Plumbing Cost (Internal piping and installation of fixtures)

Basic - 200

Medium - 300

Luxury - 500 and above

C. Plumbing work showing piping and installation of fixtures

D. False Ceiling Cost (Gypsum board and POP, Acrylic)

Basic - 250

Medium - 350

Luxury - 500 and above

False Ceiling showing how to install Gypsum board

E. Electrical Cost (Internal wiring and basic range switching)

Basic - 250

Medium - 350

Luxury - 500 and above

Electrical work showing Internal wiring and basic range switches

F. Painting Cost (Includes labor and material for all walls and ceiling)

Basic - 60

Medium - 80

Luxury - 100 and above

Painting work showing paint in box and brush

G. Designing and Architect Fee

Starts from 500/Sqft. Varies for every designer.

Designing and Architect Fee

These rates are applicable at the time of writing this blog or for up-to couple of years more you can refer to them.

There are numerous factors that can affect these rates such as the kind of finishes, the cost of material that is being handled, the number of things that are included, your interior taste and style, location and market conditions, the amount of skill and time required to carry out a particular job, timely payment remittances, amount of coordination and supervision etc.

We have tried our best to include all the basic and relevant details you need to know about interior design and execution cost per Sqft specific to Mumbai. For more clarity, you can always talk to your designer discuss the specifics about your project to know better.

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