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How to Make Small Bathrooms appear Larger

How to Make Small Bathrooms appear Larger

1. Use Larger Tiles

Larger tiles in minimal pattern will visually enlarge the space. Of course stick to the lighter colors.

2. Minimalist Glass Partition

Instead of colored, framed or structured one, use simple, transparent glass to provide more airy and spacious feel to your bathroom.

3. Vertical Elements

Vertical elements such as lights or storage rack will make your bathroom walls look elongated.

4. Large Mirrors

Naturally they will reflect more light and make your closed walls disappear. Use mirrors that extend to the ceiling to maximize the impact.

5. Keep the vanity Floating

Opt for floating vanity to keep the floor space open. It is easier to clean and provides a sophisticated and stylish look to your bathroom.

6. Wall-mounted Fixtures

Not only are they in vogue, but they are also an excellent solution to minimize visual disturbances and enhance the functionality of your bathroom.

7. Adequate Lighting

Ensure enough evenly distributed light in to your bathroom, for brighter spaces always tend to look larger.

8. Sleek Shelving

Keep your shelving or storage depth minimal for sleeker look.

9. Use Slider or Pocket Door

Instead of swing door opt for slider or pocket door to minimize the obstruction in circulation.

10. Placement of Tiles

If you wish to use any accent tiles, plan the placement vertically and up to the ceiling, to elongate the height of your bathroom.

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