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Media Console at Living Room Designed By Luxerior Interior Designs

Modern Luxury Residence

Matunga, Mumbai

Project Highlights

The Brief

This was a spacious 1200 Sqft 3 Bedroom new apartment in the 5 Gardens area, Matunga, Mumbai. The brief was a simple and functional home with an interesting material palette. Clients even had the looks chosen before they approached us to get the interiors done. Later on, we suggested some alternatives which were then approved as improvisation to the vision they already had. It was a small family and they already owned one more separate apartment for the parents just above this flat. This was to be occupied by their daughter who was a working professional and needed to work from home. So, as per the requirement, two bedrooms were combined into one to make for a spacious master bedroom with a work desk, a seating corner, and a walk-in wardrobe. The floor plan was optimized to accommodate all the requirements. 

Living Room & Dining

The original ideas collected by the clients had a very simple white and beige natural color palette to which we decided to add a stark and dramatic contrast with an opulent black marble for the TV unit wall. The TV unit itself was kept very simple with sleek shelving finished with black paint so as to not obstruct the look of the marble wall. The flooring was also changed to white marble with a grey chevron pattern. A brown leather sofa perfectly complimented the rich black and grey marble theme. Contemporary dark blue and traditional maroon patterns and colors on rugs added yet another interesting element to this exuberant living and dining arrangement. 
Almost all the pieces of furniture were customized to achieve the desired look. The center table was made in MS frame, glass, and marble. The side credenza besides the TV unit shelf was customized in a rustic theme with a metal frame base. The dining table had a metal base in black and a fresh light wooden plank top. The wooden chairs were customized and painted in white to achieve contrast with living to achieve a dark to light theme. The midnight half-moon mirror and antique MS chandelier completed the look of the dining. 
The overall ceiling design was kept simple with trendy cob light fixtures. 

Hangout Corner

The kitchen was completely open from one side, and it had a considerably larger space beside it. It was a little more space than necessary for a walkway, perfect to come up with a cozy cafe-style hangout space that can be used for a casual conversation corner or any other purpose, just as the client required.
So, instead of just putting a seating arrangement in the middle of the walkway we decided to make it a separate area with its own interesting cafe-style theme. Apart from the amazing partitions, it even has its own little ceiling theme done up in wooden beams style.
The floor was also designed to be different in a black and white checkered pattern using already available marble materials. The wall was painted with neutral dark peacock green adorned with a huge art frame and assorted decor. 

The armchairs and center tables for this space were selected from an imported collection. 


As opposed to the blacks and whites in the living room, the color palette for the kitchen was in warm beige shades. The cabinetry was done up in natural wooden beige for upper cabinets and matt-black for lower modular cabinets. The kitchen counter was done in a beige stone while the backsplash was square mini tiles look in similar but a little darker shade. This similar shade color palette was selected to achieve a continuous look that would make a relatively small space look larger and it did its job wonderfully. The look of this kitchen was definitely a bold choice to make a great transition from B&W trendy look to an all-natural warm and cozy, homely feel. Despite that, the kitchen theme came together with everything else beautifully.