Epitome Imperial Heights 3BHK

This 1088 Sqft 3BHK in Epitome Imperial Heights Goregaon, Mumbai, is truly modern and luxurious.

It boasts a very large and spacious combined living/dining/foyer area perfect for unwinding, relaxing, and entertaining guests.

It is a 3 bedroom apartment consisting of one master bed, one for kids, and a guest bedroom.


The large and spacious living area of this apartment was made even larger by opening up a kitchen wall partially, to accommodate a multifunctional counter which serves as a breakfast and hangout place. Ceiling mounted metal frame shelving above this counter serves for additional storage and aesthetic feature. A marble top dining table with combinations of chairs and a trendy bench with mirror decoration makes for a beautiful dining space just beside the breakfast counter and kitchen. A display unit separates the living space from the foyer while maintaining the visual flow through its open rakes. The extension of this unit in the foyer was created to provide for storage and a multipurpose desk and seating. 

Master Bedroom

A full-height tufted headboard design with a wooden laminate frame and a golden profile elevate the look of this luxurious bedroom design. Mirror on both sides above the sideboards added for the looks and function. The dark wood veneer wardrobe with open display shelving and gold accent handles perfectly complements this extravagant and charming master bed interior theme. The opposite side of the wall was accentuated with MDF panelling painted in pure white as the rest of the room. A small, but comfortable seating along this wall with a large horizontal art frame and very attractive wall lamps make it an ultimate relaxing corner for a cup of coffee or a reading session. Herringbone pattern flooring with a good lighting plan provides a perfect ambiance for a luxurious theme.

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom was designed for simplicity and charm. A warm wooden headboard with storage and shelves against a midnight blue neutral wall and customized map wall frames made this guest bed look ultra-stylish and welcoming for guests. Window seating was created by framing the window and simple white roman blinds with additional storage underneath were planned to maximize space and maintain the charm. The wardrobe in this room also had mirrors as a space-saving strategy for this compact space. Only the essential furniture with storage was planned to keep the room as open as possible.

Kid's Bedroom

Kids' bedroom Is a bright and fun place to be. As it was to be occupied by a little girl and a boy, it was kept in mind they get all their needs catered with equal proportions. They loved the royal blue theme starry night wallpaper and their wardrobe. A mirror was provided behind the bedroom door which was accentuated with red and white color stripes. The opposite side of the wall was utilized for study desks with storage for their essentials and toys etc. Two single beds with one continuous headboard and a sideboard in the middle with separate reading lamps were designed as per the requirement for practicality and uniqueness.