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550 Sqft Office Interior Design by Luxerior

Corporate Annexe Office

Goregaon, Mumbai

Project Highlights

The Brief


This 550 Sqft Office was a new property. The requirement was to optimize the layout to fit at least 15 spacious staff desks, a reception/waiting area for visitors which would also double up as a relaxing corner for staff, one small closed pantry, a separate washroom for the staff area, and one in the cabin for the directors. Along with this of course a director cabin for two was to be accommodated. With this total seating capacity increased to 24 including 3 visitors in the waiting area and 4 in the cabin. 


Director Cabin

Seating for 2 directors was to be created in a shared space.

The director's cabin was planned near the window glass facade and was parted with full-height glass to allow natural light to flow into the rest of the office.

White screen blinds in the cabin allowed for visibility of the amazing views outside this office even when the facade was covered. Full-height customized storage was integrated with L-shaped spacious director tables. The design was mirrored for both seating spaces.

Staff Area and Walkway

As mentioned in the intro, this office needed floor plan optimization and efficient utilization of every square inch, as normally is required in commercial spaces.

The entrance was shifted to create a corner at the left for a waiting area while also leaving sufficient space on the left side for staff seating of 3 in a row.

The color scheme selected was black, grey, and glossy whites with natural light wooden tones for a contemporary look. The staff area was planned as per the open-style work culture.

Storage was planned overhead to avoid occupying the space on the floor. 

Waiting/ Reception

While the whole office was planned to have a more formal contemporary look, waiting was decided to be a bit more decorative and warm. The back wall was adorned with beveled mirrors. This, right at the entrance served its purpose well and gave the illusion of a bigger space. The adjacent walls were decorated with slanting grooves which were painted in white to provide a perfect backdrop for the maroon visitor sofa.