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Amina Husain

Co-founder, Interior Architect & Design Head

Amina Husain, Design Head, Luxerior Interior Designs, Mumbai.

Born with a passion for Design and Art, Amina has been drawing and painting ever since she learned to hold a pencil. She participated in numerous government and private art courses and competitions during her schooling.


She became interested in entrepreneurship during her college years and went on to complete her master's degree with an MBA in 2008. She was involved in many different roles on the job including designing, writing, and business development. She has over 14 years of experience in content and design development serving some of the biggest corporate houses and MNCs. Her design abilities attracted a lot of praise from the clients which eventually gave a way for Luxerior Interior Designs to be co-founded with Samir in 2018.


Since then she has been rediscovering her passion for art through interior design. She has successfully designed many residential and commercial interior projects for Luxerior and learned through her first-hand practical industry experience. Her biggest learning in interior design has been that of understanding and translating the vision of her esteemed clients into functional and inspiring spaces. 


Due to her innate passion, she always strives for learning more about all forms of art and design, interpreting and incorporating that knowledge into practice to excel and offer the best possible advice.


Her journey has just begun. There is a long way to go but the praise that she receives, inspires her to continue and do more of what she truly loves, with a sense of gratitude towards all the amazing people who provide all sorts of opportunities to grow.

Contact: 9769496987


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