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New Vinay 2BHK

Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai

Project Highlights

Project Brief


We were approached by clients for the partial renovation of this compact 650 Sqft 2BHK apartment in Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai. They wanted us to design a contemporary and functional home suitable for a small family. This project took 1 month for conceptualization & design approvals and another 2 months for execution & handover.

Living Room Design

Cabinetry and Built-ins


The brief for the living room was to make all-new in-built cabinetry with maximum storage. We came up with the idea of using the vertical space and created the full-height functional TV unit and Partition plus Entryway storage with lots of storage. All the built-ins were lifted off the floor to create a sense of space and also for easy cleaning purposes. We selected very light finishes in beautiful wooden and terrazzo textures combined with black handles and knobs for a contemporary and bright look.

We also changed the finish of the existing storage cabinets under the window to white color to add to the seamless and bright look of the overall design theme.

Hardware Finish

We chose antique gold and black metal finish handles and knobs to add a designer touch and aesthetic appeal to all furniture and cabinets.

Ceiling & Lighting Design

This home needed a new modern lighting design plan. We decided to keep the original ceiling and added new trendy surface cob light fixtures in daylight temperature and a warm light chandelier to achieve a completely new look and feel.


Royale 'Crystal Peak' in the white shade was used overall for an open and bright feel to this compact space.

Dining & Foyer

For dining, the wooden chairs in a dark finish, that clients had with them for a very long time, set the starting point of the design theme and makeover of the existing dining table. 

This dining table for four was given a new look with rounded edges, and a beautiful matt grey marble textured laminate, together with dark hand polish for the bottom.

We chose a marble laminate finish on top for looks and low-maintenance features. 

The Feature Wall

Red brick wallpaper added a touch of warmth and color to the overall interiors. White paneling on walls was added to prevent scratching of walls from chairs.

Partition Plus Entryway Organization

This was truly a functional piece of furniture that was created for multiple purposes. It was a partition on the main entrance to block the view that went straight onto the dining table and inside the master bedroom.

Lower cabinets created sufficient shoe storage, while upper cabinets provided additional storage solutions. In the middle part of the upper storage, we created an open-shelf display to make it more attractive and welcoming to guests.

Mom's Bedroom

We decided to add a little bit of color to the interior theme with Mom's bedroom design. Textured blue floral wallpaper set the starting point of the design for this bedroom. Dark blue velvet fabric in a rectangular design combined with the soft curves of the wallpaper created the perfect contrast and drama in this room. Mid-century style wooden sideboard coupled with a wall light fixture in metal black finish completed the look of this timeless, classic, and charming design theme suitable for the elderly occupant of this bedroom.

Mandir Design

It also had a small Mandir earlier, which was replaced with a new design and additional storage drawers with a bright yellow finish which complemented the blue theme and came together with rest of the room beautifully.